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Providing Safe Care in our Clinics


When you visit our Clinics, you will be required to wear a mask. 
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Beginning June 26, 2020, every Washingtonian in an indoor public space, or in an outside public space when unable to physically distance from others, will be legally required to wear a face covering.


We Heard You
We asked for your feedback and heard your concerns. You told us you want to know what we're doing to prevent patients from getting sick from others while in our clinics, the cleanliness of our facilities and ensuring there is enough personal protective equipment (PPE). Learn more about what we're doing to provide the care you need in the safest way possible. 


Here's what our patients are saying

"This time with the Corona Virus is very scary for us. I was concerned about going to the Everett Clinic, but felt that the Clinic took exceptional care to schedule fewer patients at one time, and keep all rooms and equipment clean. I wore a mask, as I wanted to stay as safe as possible." - Everett Clinic patient comment (Patient experience survey)


"Dr. [Katherine] Clawson has done an excellent job of managing my care during this recent week.  She developed and directed a plan of care in the clinic that allowed me to heal and recover from a dangerous acute disease episode, while avoiding hospitalization at a time of crisis in the health care system.  She is knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate and sensitive to my needs, actively monitoring and communicating clearly at each phase and stage of my care.  This should be held as a model for others to follow-she deserves an award because she too is a hero behind the front lines in a time when the focus is on the COVID-19 crisis." - Everett Clinic patient comment (Patient experience survey)


"The appointment went great. Dr. [Kin] Lui took time to see my mole and explain what needed to be done. And I'm very happy he also told me what to expect after it and how I would be healing. It was not easy for me to get to the clinic due to fear of the Covid-19 virus, yet everyone was wearing protective gear and the place was clean. Thank you!" - Everett Clinic patient comment (Patient experience survey)


"Happy about the extreme measures in patient staff protection during the Covid-19 lock down. I didn't see any other patient in the building and the Dr. [Ann Knowles] and assistant were amazing. Each of my phone calls went through quick and handled beautifully. each follow up call, including my doctor phone visit was beyond my expectation. I was so happy that my case wasn't in the back burner because of the pandemic... Very thankful for the way The Everett Clinic is handling everything. I give you the highest praise. Thank you!" - Everett Clinic patient comment (Patient experience survey)


"I felt more relaxed in the video session. I knew before seeing the doctor that he would have to send me to have some test done before he can get a true idea of what was going on with my lump in my thyroid, So I appreciate having to not drive to Everett just to have him tell me I would have to have an ultrasound. I feel like the videos not only save the clinic time and money but also me time and money driving from Camano Island to Everett." - Everett Clinic patient comment (Patient experience survey)


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“I have been really thankful and honestly so proud of The Everett Clinic from the onset of this pandemic as we quickly mobilized to keep certain sites as completely clean sites and others to serve people with symptoms. We continue to disinfect all areas on a regular basis and our goal is to quickly get your child into an exam room to minimize your time in the waiting room. I have felt so safe working from my clinic sites and going home to my own family knowing that all the proper precautions were being taken. I urge all parents to bring their children in for their important well child care and to not delay coming in for other important concerns.”

- Fatima Malik, MD, Thomas Lake Pediatrics


Providing safe care for our patients